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Topic: Ask anything about South Africa :) 5 minutes ago #9626187      

Why the english and the boers remain in South Africa?


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Topic: It could be worse! (Forum Game) 8 minutes ago #9626186      

It could be worse, you could be a PhD student AND be tired.

I have paperwork to fill out.


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Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 6 17 minutes ago #9626185      

Granted, he has no friends.

I wish for goats everywhere.


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Topic: What's On Your Mind #129 32 minutes ago #9626184      


Turn it up to 11 35 minutes ago #9626183      

@shedemon "I'm quite mature (read: old)" well, Americans will elect you if that's the case! (Or not, there is lots of sexism around here and bc you're a girl, they will probably hate you for trying


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Topic: F*%& This, I'm Moving to.... 40 minutes ago #9626182      

@lbisno1 Dutch and English are relatively close, and Dutch and German are ridiculously close.

I'm confused to hear French is so hard to learn for English native speakers, though - I think English is closer to French than Dutch.

Flemish-Dutch sounds really sweet :ohcute:

Turn it up to 11 41 minutes ago #9626181      

@Namitsu #9625690 you mean great great grandfather


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Topic: F*%& This, I'm Moving to.... 42 minutes ago #9626180      

@Wortel I studied German in school last year, so I know some German. And from what I've heard, German is pretty similar to Dutch, so it shouldn't be too much of a challenge to linguistically adapt. Also, I've heard that Dutch is one of the easiest languages for native English-speakers to learn, and French is one of the hardest.


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Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 6 42 minutes ago #9626179      

Granted. Due true a strange crash in the time-space web (maybe caused by someone who is not magical trying to learn to do magic) the TV comet takes the time tunnel and lands on your kindergarten building while you were in it. The building, five-year-old you and your little friends are destroyed. The entire thing is really painful, and right after you're definitively dead your current you starts painfully disappearing. It's more painful in the psychological way than in the physical way, but it's awful and takes two weeks.

I wish kiddie Uktana got into kindergartener heaven and could play with his friends all day.


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Topic: Ace! (Sexuality thread) 51 minutes ago #9626178      

@IsaIna I sincerely wish to you that you'll find out before I did - I've been identifying as "a-sexually-confused-teenager" for four years now and it's really annoying...


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Topic: F*%& This, I'm Moving to.... 53 minutes ago #9626177      

@lbisno1 Belgium is nice.
but why'd you rather have Flanders than Wallonia? (or whatever that's called in English)


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Topic: It could be worse! (Forum Game) 56 minutes ago #9626176      

@uktana he could've fallen from a tree and landed on a branch with a leg on each side of the branch, so he basically landed on his private parts.
A friend of mine apparently had that once, and allegedly his private parts got all kinds of interesting colors :shocked:

Topic: There is a town in Queensland, Australia called 1770 (Named 1 hour ago #9626175      


It's official name is Seventeen Seventy. But you're right. Not often places are dates.

Topic: There actually is a Pakistani TV show called "Burqa Ave 1 hour ago #9626174      

Looks more like a niqab. Interesting nonetheless.

Topic: Erik the Red and White's mead hall - now expanded 1 hour ago #9626173      

@EricTheRedAndWhite #9626172
Yeah, I keep forgetting you have nested comments off.

But, New South Wales was kinda named after Wales, so, I liked the comic with her,

Topic: Erik the Red and White's mead hall - now expanded 1 hour ago #9626172      

Ah, one of the "older" ones, I see. No wonder I couldn't seem to recall what you could be talking about. :P

Topic: Erik the Red and White's mead hall - now expanded 2 hours ago #9626171      

#9626167 was a reply to #9621958.

Topic: What's On Your Mind #129 2 hours ago #9626170      

The Jewish calendar is lunisolar, but I'd say not that often.

On a minor sidenote, it's Anzac (Rememberance) Day tomorrow in Australia and New Zealand.

Topic: Erik the Red and White's mead hall - now expanded 2 hours ago #9626169      

Which comment was that a response to?

Topic: Erik the Red and White's mead hall - now expanded 2 hours ago #9626168      

Election results
Lies, let's recount

... My Gúð. No wonder...

Topic: Erik the Red and White's mead hall - now expanded 2 hours ago #9626167      

...Am I glad Australians aren't like that. At all.

But then, our states have boring, unidentifiable flags... And not that well known, too.

Turn it up to 11 2 hours ago #9626166      

@Tudpool That is not entirely unlikely XD


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Turn it up to 11 2 hours ago #9626165      

@Boingyboingy Did your doctor tell you to stop with cow-milk for 6 weeks? Our doctor told us to stop eating milk products for a few days and see if it got better. It didn't so we started again. A month later we found out that it takes much longer for the milk protein to go out of the mothers milk so after about 4-6 weeks it started to improve and our daughter could sleep without crying or being rocked to sleep constantly. Milk protein allergy is very tricky to get around, there is milk protein in almost everything.

Turn it up to 11 2 hours ago #9626164      

I'd say babies from my background are generally quiet.



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Topic: What's On Your Mind #129 2 hours ago #9626163      

Wiki says today is both Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day.

I don't know much about how the Jewish Lunar Calendar works. Do they coincide very often?

At any rate, it's a good time to get wasted and dwell on what bastards humans are.

Topic: Erik the Red and White's mead hall - now expanded 2 hours ago #9626162      

"Thank you for mansplaining"

Uhm, no. If you say something that's nonsense, and I tell you how things actually are, it has nothing at all to do with you being a woman.

I would have acted exactly the same way if you were a guy.

39 - Beaver 2 hours ago #9626161      

StupidFox is courageous enough to try and learn everything he can from every other animal.


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How to break Iceland's spirit 3 hours ago #9626160      

@marce I'm sorry I haven't got back to you sooner but I've been rather busy and didn't feel like leaving you just a quick, half-arsed answer.

Well I suppose Sweden's history IS a bit rough. We just like to forget that little detail as most of it happened centuries ago anyways.

When I referred to your rough history I meant the guerrillas and what (to me) seems like political instability. But that may all be over now? I never got to the current-day part of your history.

People: From the sound of things the Bogota people seems rather similar to your average Swede in terms of social behavior. However since the average Colombian appears to be what would be considered as borderline unusually helpful here in Sweden then maybe Bogota people are friendlier than Swedes still, not that Swedes aren't friendly mind you. It's just that we would never spare time to walk someone to their destination if we were heading elsewhere. I suppose that difference is due to our differing views on the importance of punctuality. You see in Sweden punctuality is key. You must always be on time or preferably a few minutes early and it is completely unthinkable to be late for even a minute. However if you are invited to someone's home arriving too early would be just as inconsiderate as being late.

Fruits: That's... that's a lot of strange and tasty looking fruits. I've only heard the names of a select few of them and only tasted one of them once (the starfruit). Sweden doesn't have any indigenous fruits at all and few imported fruits are grown here as well. We mostly have berries like lingonberry, blueberry and cloudberry (which in jam-form is a must try for anyone visiting Sweden for culinary reasons)
Also, I'll have to redact my statement about bananas in Sweden coming from Brasilia. Apparently we import bananas mostly from Ecuador followed by Costa Rica and Colombia.

Climate: huh. I never knew Colombia had so meny and so different climates (although before this conversation I didn't know more about Colombia than that it is a country in South America). When it comes to Swedish climate this article says it all (or at least most of it)
That's actually the official website of Sweden so you can probably find tons of information about Sweden and Swedish culture there.

Landscape: Wow. Just wow. I know you said breathtakingly beautiful but that's a whole new level of breathtakingly. Sweden's more subtle beauty kind of pales compared to that.

What are the things that makes me proud of being a swede? Wow. That's a big question.
I think it is the fact that we're one of the best countries in the world and no that is not a bias statement. We usually end up within the top thirty of any survey of any kind and have a solid foothold in the top ten of several surveys that (according to me) count the most, like: best country in the world, environmental awareness and preservation, equality, innovation, and quality of living just to name a few.

If you're really interested in visiting Sweden I'd recommend watching some of these videos Visit Sweden Travel Videos:
They bring up a lot of good points to think about before going, both positive and negative ones. And if you're more interested in Sweden in general I suggest browsing around on that page I linked earlier.

Huh. We did. I don't really follow the Nobel Prize. I'll never get one anyways :p

Topic: The day when my world crumbled 3 hours ago #9626159      

@Rosin sure you can! Just find a way to cook Soylent Green that hasn't been thought of before.


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Aimlessly 3 hours ago #9626158      

That's why I wanna learn Finnish x)