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Topic: Point out an obvious fact of the person above u 2 8 minutes ago #9773771      

True. i have swam quite a good bit though.

The next person can hopefully walk



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Play date 8 minutes ago #9773770      

So meanwhile in Colombia, the country is imploding because we elected the asshole sponsored by the other asshole to be president so the world is pretty much shit overall

Play date 8 minutes ago #9773769      


No, I'm not naive at all - I'm a realist.
I've never claimed everything is perfect or that we're living in the best of worlds - all I'm claiming is that things have in fact improved over time.
Which they have - that's just an historical fact.

You on the other hand see no improvement what so ever, which makes you a cynic - and not a realist.

I'm the one describing the more honest picture of our times here - again, this is just basic historical fact.
I'm not saying everything is shiny white - but I'm also not pretending everything is pitch black, like you do.
I can see that human and societal development is a sliding scale of shifting grey - but that the picture has actually gotten lighter over time.

Now you may well argue that things haven't gotten good enough fast enough for your taste - and since things aren't perfect yet it's obviously an easy position to hold.

"Why isn't everything better then this?!"

Well, for starters democracy isn't even a hundred years old in most of the democratic world.

We've gone through centuries upon centuries of being ruled by despotic tyrants, but so far democracy has less then a hundred years track record in most of the democratic world.

Of course it isn't perfect yet either - but it's still a hell of a lot better then the millennias of human history that preceded it.

Slavery, colonization, imperialism, ethnic cleanings, genocide, indentured servitude, debtors prisons, work houses for the poor, child labor, witch trials, religious persecution and wars - and plain regular wars - are just a few of the things no longer accepted in the democratic world.
And all of them used to be not only legal, but even defended as good and proper and perfectly normal occurrence in "civilized" societies.

Of course things aren't perfect yet - but we've still come a hell of a long way in a lot of ways.

The fact that you and I can even have this discussion is proof that things have gotten better, as even questioning the "natural order ordained by God" would have seen us both executed a few hundred years ago.

The Latin American writer you mentioned wouldn't even have gotten an education, but probably would have spent his whole life toiling in some field as an illiterate farm worker on a plantation owned by European colonizers at the same time.

Yes - there is obviously still a lot left to improve in the world. But that doesn't negate the simple fact that things have in fact gotten better.

Looking at the world rationally is much harder then seeing it all in black or white.
The fact that things have gotten better doesn't mean everything is good now and we can all stop striving to make it better - which is the risk of painting too white a picture.

But painting too dark a picture on the other hand leads to the argument - which some have always been making - that there is no point even striving to improve the world, as that's never worked before and therefore will never work now.

The people you claim to oppose - the neoconservatives - are the ones making those claims.

Because they obviously want to block any change towards a more equal world, so they want people to be cynical, disillusioned and defeatist - because then they get to set the agenda without any competition what so ever.

But fortunately there have always been people who have been striving for a more equal world, and with democracy they have an extremely powerful tool to do so.

Which you see when people take to the streets in protest against war, injustice, pollution or anything else, or grassroot boycotts of corporations who behave unethically, for instance.

Again - I know it's not perfect, but it's still a hell of a lot better then just two hundred years ago, when popular protests where simply illegal in virtually all of the now democratic world.

Think of how far we've come in the last hundred years - or hell, just half of that!
Just 50 years ago homosexuality was criminal in most of the democratic world, for instance.

But after millennia of persecution homosexuals have finally been given the same legal right and protections as everyone else, in most of the democratic world.

Things ARE changing for the better, mentality IS changing for the better.
Clearly not fast enough to you - but it still is.

It's never happened quickly in human history - but now it's happening more quickly then ever, because of democracy, access to education - and in the last decades modern technology like the internet and cell phones.

Which again doesn't mean we're living in the best of worlds now - but we're living in a slightly better one and we're generally moving in the right direction.

You might not see it as a cynic - but it's actually an objective fact, when you look at the world from an historic perspective.

Topic: World Cup Discussion. 9 minutes ago #9773768      

I'm surprised. Germany lost against Mexico, Brazil tied with ... Switzerland, and Argentina with Iceland ... the three golds of the World Cup are awful. What happened to this world?

Government Down 10 minutes ago #9773767      

@KarlMarx-4 lol

N00bs off the road 11 minutes ago #9773766      

@KarlMarx-4 yeah. and a bike isn't exactly a water vehicle

Trash Robber 12 minutes ago #9773765      

@KarlMarx-4 idk but I think the "dead" thing is more about the fear then the fall

Topic: World Cup Discussion. 12 minutes ago #9773764      

@JTTWloverchinese It was a great match.
Who did you want to win?

Ladybug around the world 13 minutes ago #9773763      

@KarlMarx-4 upper east of the us

Dinner Partner 15 minutes ago #9773762      

@KarlMarx-4 yeah. especially considering their relationship


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Topic: Deleted Comments 39 minutes ago #9773761      

@Newnetherlander, your comment ID 9773542 has been deleted by moderator @Impkat.


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Play date 45 minutes ago #9773760      

Le sigh. I agree with Brother America, at this point I just live here.


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Topic: Point out an obvious fact of the person above u 2 59 minutes ago #9773759      

Quite well in fact. And since today I can also surf a teeny-tiny bit :D

The person above me has never surfed.

Play date 1 hour ago #9773758      

@humon if we have nazi germany then why not bring a "dixie" into the gang

Topic: What's On Your Mind #152 1 hour ago #9773757      

@Zarhop18 Scandinavian Airlines? Is there a reason? I was once on a flight that was cancelled and then was uncancelled after 2 hours, but yeah. Care to elaborate?

Topic: Democrats v Republicans 2 hours ago #9773756      



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Lost Friends 2 hours ago #9773755      

One minute of silence for our long lost friend Doggerland :(

Play date 2 hours ago #9773754      

@DutchToSwede A new plague will come. It's just a matter of time.


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Play date 2 hours ago #9773753      

@Packless1 I got thristy too. Here, I brought you some! image


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Topic: Democrats v Republicans 2 hours ago #9773752      



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Topic: Democrats v Republicans 3 hours ago #9773751      



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Topic: What's On Your Mind #152 3 hours ago #9773750      

@Zarhop18 What Stability Assist Systems have done to you?


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Topic: Associations #17 3 hours ago #9773749      

Dispense the cactus spike in an even pattern.


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Play date 3 hours ago #9773748      

@Dilandu If you don't have the critical thinking skills to see through these smokescreens, you might want to get checked for brain damage. The veil over this bull$#!+ is so thin it could be a cheesecloth.


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Topic: Corrupt a Wish Foundation 12 3 hours ago #9773747      

Granted, but its limited by the range of the remote control.


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Play date 3 hours ago #9773746      

@VocalLove Trump is a huckster who steals credit and copies the smart kids in class. Don't fall for it.

Topic: Point out an obvious fact of the person above u 2 3 hours ago #9773745      

Some people think so. The person above me can swim.

Topic: American Summer Vacation 3 hours ago #9773744      

Yeah, great idea!


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261 3 hours ago #9773743      


yep, the kitten is a visual entirely inside snippy's mind

The law is the law 4 hours ago #9773742      

@Zuperkrunch Finnish probably wouldn't be *talking* and ski rather than walk. With a rubber boat just in case it's not frozen all over (and go to Estonia, not Denmark). And Sweden *is* talking here -- maybe most Swedes would talk before a Dane does, or would at the very least reply. (I wonder if the clothing in real life gives any clue, the comic sure does what with them wearing their *flags*)