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Topic: One Word Only 2 45 seconds ago #9639955      




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Topic: Associations (multilingual edition) 1 minute ago #9639953      

Tôi cũng không biết.



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Topic: One Word Only 2 2 minutes ago #9639952      



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Topic: Associations 14 3 minutes ago #9639951      

Yeah. Now I need to go find it.

Clean Living 3 minutes ago #9639950      

@Vexillo In Norway we are already selling exclusive ice cubes from the glacier Svartisen.
In fact, we exported ice from Svartisen to Africa as early as 1959.



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Topic: What did You do Today 9 minutes ago #9639949      

@LearnEveryDay Yes, "flubber" is the name of the substance that Fred MacMurray's scientist-character invented in The Absent-Minded Professor. There's a sequel called Son of Flubber, which I haven't seen. The Shaggy Dog is about a teenager who periodically turns into a sheepdog thanks to a magical ring he found. It's very funny, especially the part where his younger brother thinks he's got a new pet dog, and has to be reminded that it's still his brother. ("You sound just like Wilby." "I am Wilby!")

Ray Harryhausen was famous for his very sophisticated stop-motion animation in science-fiction and fantasy movies. He did the monsters in movies like the six-armed giant octopus in It Came From Beneath the Sea and the reptilian creature from Venus from Twenty Million Miles From Earth, but is most famous for movies with a lot of complicated animated characters like Jason and the Argonauts, some Sinbad movies, and the original Clash of the Titans, among many others. There are some pretty frightening monsters in all those movies (like the famous swordfight between Jason's men and a bunch of skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts, or Perseus going after Medusa in Clash of the Titans), but they're by no means horror movies.


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Topic: Does the flag from your profile match your country 13 minutes ago #9639948      

The flag does and avatar doesn't as I am not from Fyn nor have I lived there.

Topic: One Word Only 2 19 minutes ago #9639947      


Topic: One Word Only 2 25 minutes ago #9639946      



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Buckle up! 30 minutes ago #9639945      

You really should visit Hong Kong XD they're worse

Topic: What did You do Today 32 minutes ago #9639944      

@uktana The Absent-Minded Professor was the original of "Flubber", right? I don't think I've seen the original yet. And I've heard of The Shaggy Dog but am not completely sure whether or not I saw it a long time ago. I'm not familiar at all with Ray Harryhausen. How horror-themed are they? If it's like Gremlins then I might be able to deal with it. If it's like Psycho or Poltergeist or Exorcist, then I won't be able to.

Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 7 35 minutes ago #9639943      

@raikou107 That's not good. :(

Clean Living 36 minutes ago #9639942      


Yes, I get why the industry wants it and why there are laws demanding expiration dates for ALL food stuffs.
But it's still a fact that ALL food stuff simply doesn't go bad within a few years if treated correctly.
Now honey is - I think - unique in the way that we actually know for a proven fact that it can keep for over 2000 years - because we have found it in Egyptian tombs as I said.
The reason is of course that honey is actually a food stuff already preserved by the bees themselves for storage and keeping.

So as I said - I get why they put the expiration dates on there - but I'm still saying it's actually completely pointless on SOME products.
If you store your honey correctly you can actually just ignore the expiration date all together as it will never go bad within your lifetime.



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Topic: HP Lovecraft 37 minutes ago #9639941      

I just recently spent US$50 on a large hardback book called The Annotated H. P. Lovecraft, which is something for a cheapskate like me. I've been a fan of Lovecraft ever since I ran across "The Outsider" in a collection of "spooky stories" I found in the local library when I was in grade school. I've never been a particular fan of "the Cthulhu Mythos" work written by others, and I particularly don't care for August Derleth. I do like Clark Ashton Smith, though.

I'm thinking now of digging up works by the writers who influenced Lovecraft (apart from Poe, who I'm quite familiar with), like Lord Dunsany, Arthur Machen, (whose names I have been mispronouncing for twenty years!) and Algernon Blackwood.

Topic: There is a finnish battle cry from World War 2 called " 41 minutes ago #9639940      


Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 7 49 minutes ago #9639939      

@hejsanhoppsan Most people I know either hint at or tell me that I'm ugly or not nice to be around. It's a truth I'm just going to have to accept, I guess.



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Topic: Associations 14 50 minutes ago #9639938      

@Ptarmigeon We ought to keep "Associations (multilingual edition)" going. That one's a lot of fun when a bunch of people get going on it.



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Topic: Associations 14 51 minutes ago #9639937      

The words "boutique" and "apothecary" come from the same Greek word. :yes:

Clean Living 53 minutes ago #9639936      

We can just do the same :D! If you like clean water that much sweden, than buy our tap water for a small price! Switzerland has the cleanest tap water in the world. But many swiss people here still drink ''Evian'' -.- ...

Topic: What's On Your Mind #131 55 minutes ago #9639935      

I've gotta say, the Metro is pretty fun/awesome.



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Topic: What did You do Today 56 minutes ago #9639934      

@LearnEveryDay I have a schedule for keeping my apartment clean, because I'm something of a slob by nature and, like most other bachelors, it's easy for me to become oblivious to all kinds of mess and clutter if I don't keep on top of it. I don't always keep on top of it like I should, but if I stick to my cleaning schedule, it's not so difficult.

One of the Car Talk hosts passed away a few years ago, and since then NPR has been broadcasting "The Best of Car Talk", which is made up up archive recordings edited together to make new shows. I only started listening to it regularly recently, so it's all new to me.

Comet TV has a pattern to what they show. For a while, they were showing a lot of old Walt Disney movies like The Absent-Minded Professor and The Shaggy Dog, then they were showing a lot of Vincent Price movies (including one of my favorites of his, Theater of Blood). Now they're showing a lot of "mad scientist" movies, and fantasy movies that feature Ray Harryhausen animation, like Jason and the Argonauts. It's a mix of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, rather like what The SciFi Channel used to be, and you never know what's going to show up from month to month.

Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 7 57 minutes ago #9639933      

@raikou107 What makes you think you're ugly? :(

Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 7 58 minutes ago #9639932      

Granted, but whilst searching for your desk you get lost in the shop and never find your way out again. Welcome to your new home!

I wish I wasn't ugly


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Topic: Associations 14 1 hour ago #9639931      

And linguistics :yes:

Living Hell 1 hour ago #9639930      

@Nisse_Hult @HerraKarhu #9604885

Actually, in this case I think you, Nisse, might be wearing a bit of rose-coloured glasses about current Finnish views on the Swedish times. Not that I agree it's as bad as HerraKarhu claims, mainly because his last post contain some historical errors, but so does yours.

Firstly, Nisse, while it is true that Finland was an integrated part of the Swedish empire unlike those areas that were conquered later, the Eastern parts were far away and did gain a lot less favours than the main area, e.g. the merchants guild didn't let Finnish cities trade directly with foreign powers, instead all the products had to go through Stockholm, which led to a lot of wealth being drained from Finland. So while Finland had a lot of freedom, from early on there was also a sense of "little brother" - in theory integrated, in practise not as much.

Secondly, the eastern boarder of Finland (then Sweden) towards Russia has varied through time, first only the southwestern part (about half) of modern Finland was part of Sweden, then during the 17th century most of the rest and a little bit more was conquered from Russia in various wars, then in the 18th century Sweden started loosing bits of Finland to Russia - at times all of Finland was also occupied by Russia despite being Swedish territory (1713-1721, 1742-1743). The last occupation in 1808 led to the rest of Finland (the largest part) moving from Swedish rule to Russian rule.
What area of land that actually made up Finland was only determined properly once Russia created the Grand Duchy of Finland based on parts they had conquered 1721, 1743 and 1809.

Thirdly, HerraKarhu, the reason Finland had it so well during the Russian period 1809-(1881/)1917 is because Russia let almost all Swedish laws stand, unlike it did with other parts conquered from Sweden (example Livland, which today is mostly Estonia).
In a way the rise of Finnish nationalism was at part bolstered by Russia to lessen the remaining Swedish influences in their new protectorate.

Proper Russification (venäläistäminen, förryskning) however started first (1881/)1899-1905 ( which ended with the 1905 Russian Revolution/general strike (due to the fact the Russia lost the war with Japan). During that time the Finns fought back to keep their laws and privileges. For a few years things remained status quo, then from 1908 Russia again started diminishing Finnish freedoms, intending to integrate Finland into the rest of Russia. Again - despite Finnish resistance - it ended due to internal Russian politics: the February Revolution. At this point Finnish socialists wanted to secede, but the conservatives held back. After the October Revolution (i.e. the Bolshevik Revolution) the conservatives got with the program and Finland declared independence (and devolved into civil war).

So in short, no, the "good" years didn't last till communism, and if Nikolai II had gotten his way there would be no Finland left.

Now, unlike what HerraKarhu inferred, the antagonistic attitude towards Russia/Soviet didn't come with WW2. Actually Finnish politics between WW1 and WW2 were quite antagonistic towards the Soviet Union - possibly because the "whites", the more conservative side, won the civil war, possibly going even further back as Finland often had been the battle field between Sweden and Russia and endured Russian occupation/military rule (
At this point Finland held no fear regarding upsetting the Soviet, and even though relations thawed somewhat this held true through the 30's (probably also part of the underlying factors for the second war, the Continuation War, against Soviet in 1941-1944, or at least some decisions made during it).
As such, Finland rejected all Soviet demands 1938-1939 (mainly to station troops on Finnish soil or ceding territory), unlike the Baltic states who were in a much more difficult geographic situation in between Germany and the Soviet Union.
While this led to the Winter War in 1939, with the facts of history at hand it is very possible the Soviet would have attacked Finland anyway at some point, and who knows how that would have played out if there had been Soviet troops already on Finnish soil.

So while "ryssäviha" (literal translation Russian hatred, but the term is somewhat broader than just that) was inflamed due to the wars, the roots are much further back in time.

Topic: Associations 14 1 hour ago #9639929      

Have I perhaps found others who love etymology and articulation?

Topic: What did You do Today 1 hour ago #9639928      

@Iateapenguin That sounds almost like the start of my day -- not the shift and thesis, but the popcorn and meandering around the internet part. Thinking I'll ask my husband to get some whiskey or a better wine when he commutes home.



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Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 7 1 hour ago #9639927      

Granted, but now all the meatballs are made from horsemeat.

I wish to visit IKEA and see if they have a desk that is suitable for me.


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Topic: What's On Your Mind #131 1 hour ago #9639926      

Yesterday I baked a cake and was letting it cool before I frosted it, then forgot about it. I just remembered that I made it but now I can't find the cake