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Everyone's a Critic

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Everyone's a Critic

points if you get the hidden reference in there
secret points
just 4 u

29th September 2012

3 years ago #9362627      

@Dayvi Thanks for putting up this comic, it's awesome!

3 years ago #9362626      

I found the reference, too bad points don't matter.


21 F
5 years ago #9029960      

Know the feeling, kill him, kill him now!!

5 years ago #8860962      

Everyone draws himself or herself more attractive than actually was, nothing to be shame about it

5 years ago #8727851      

This a cool comic!

6 years ago #8548259      

@Dayvi I like these comics but there seems to be something wrong with the next and previous and Random button it only shows three when there are more comics then that, it might be a bug, but I have to keep clicking on comics to read something new, maybe you could fix that, also everything on the Satw site seems to be to the side and not centered like before..


30 M
Admin Moderator
Online Now
6 years ago #8548228      

@AmericanButterfly :D

6 years ago #8541967      

ha ha I'm going to like these comics :D @Dayvi who's the artists she's awesome good find mister manger :D

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