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Topic: Let me hear the song of your people! 8 minutes ago #9723341      

@Norrient Tell me what do you think friend. ^)


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Topic: Let me hear the song of your people! 9 minutes ago #9723340      

When talking about Curitiban music, there is no mistake in Ruido/mm. As of 2018.19.01 they are in tour in the United Kingdom, I believe.
Penhascos, desfiladeiros e outros sonhos de fuga (Cliffs, gorges and other escape dreams)
Valsa dos Desertores (Deserter's Waltz)

As for songs, well, Curitiba has rich nightlife and many, many bands. So many I can't give you enough. So I will select.

Confraria da Costa - Canções de Assassinato (Brotherhood of the Coast* - Murder Shanties). Confraria da Costa is a wonderful and fun band, they make pirate rock.

Hillbilly Rawride - O Enxofre e a Cachaça (The Sulfur and the Booze). Hillbilly Rawride is a rockabilly band, carnival is almost upon us. Psychedelic Rock, Punk Rock, rockabilly and spoopy costumes.

Cavernoso Vinon - Ouvre la Gorge (Open the Throat). Psychedelic rock, sung in French.

Monreal - Perdido (Lost). A rock band, very small.

7th Symphony - A Letter of Love. A progressive metal band, sung in English. Don't know if the band still exists but....

Kattah - Lapis Lazuli. An Arab-inspired Power Metal band, if that is more your taste.

BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE. When you get a Curitiban, you also get a Southerner. So:
Terra Celta - Gaia (Celtic Land - Gaia). An Irish-inspired band from our Paranenser brethren in Londrina.

Steel Warrior - Army of the Time. A Power Metal band from our Catarinenser brethren south. Reminds me of Dragonheart, but less... DnD. Sings in English.

Vlad V - Entre as Nuvens (Vlad Fifth - Amongst the Clouds). Staple progressive rock band from our brothers in Blumenau, Santa Catarina.

Os Monarcas - Cheiro de Galpão (The Monarchs - Shed Smell). Holy shit, now we are approaching deep south territory. Nativist music genre, basically Southern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina country. In traditional style, they are from our Riograndenser brothers. Not saying I dislike it... but not my style, I am 21 one after all.

Apanhador Só - Cartão Postal (Postcard). From Rio Grande do Sul, an alternative rock band.

Now I am tired. Sorry.

Topic: What's On Your Mind #148 42 minutes ago #9723334      

@SpikeTheNerd Honestly the real crime here is that they haven't made it a yearly franchise like Star Wars.


Topic: Let me hear the song of your people! 2 hours ago #9723327      

Interestingly, Civilization 6 chose the old Stephen Foster song Hard Times Come Again No More to represent America.

Traditional American song, here sung by an Irishwoman.

Also, my home State's official Anthem (and fight song of the state University).

And our unofficial anthem sung by our King Garrison (who despite being retired, is having his reputation wrecked by bullshit accusations by Repugnants and/or SJWs).

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