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League of DRAVEN

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League of DRAVEN

I'm suprised that some people haven't heard of this phenomenon! A short description:

The League of Draven (n); in which all lesser champions turn into Draven.


everything is spongebob and nothing hurts

24th March 2013

3 years ago #9362622      

Btw I LOVE the spongebob references! XD

3 years ago #9362621      

Costume party? (My guess, I haven't played LoL yet)

5 years ago #8886512      

I guess everybody wants some Draaaaaaaaven!

5 years ago #8765717      

Hello miss, I really love your LoL comics and I wanted to share them with more people, so I've begined to post them on my Tumblr ->, always giving you credits, of course. I'm just telling you, uh, and anytime you want me to erase them of my page, just ask me, I'm not like stealing your art or something like that, just sharing. I love your art, see ya!

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