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Sock's Learning Process

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Sock's Learning Process

In 6 Easy Steps!

1. Draw warm up sketch
2. Swear profusely
3. Use refs like a smart person
4. Cry because your picture is uglier than before
5. Give up and draw without the ref
6. Progress (?)


Realism is hard, but I hope to learn it more so that my own style will hopefully look nicer.
I've drawn faces since I was a toddler but I'm only just learning how to draw something as simple as the jaw line.


14th January 2013

3 years ago #9362618      

Captain? What are refs? Refinements?

5 years ago #8725995      

Space God-Tier sweater!


16 F
5 years ago #8677540      

preach it

5 years ago #8664122      

artists are their own worst critics I should know... I'm the same, though I'm not as bad as you, damn girl you draw well, I never even try to draw that good,

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